Outdoor business signs can be an excellent way to promote your services and to create awareness for your company. However, you need to know how to determine which signage is good for your business, in order to make the most out of your efforts. This article provides you several tips and advice to help you make the best choice.

Tips and Advice to Choose The best Signage

The first thing to consider before investing in business signage is your core target. Who are the people you’d like to see your sign? What are their habits? What are the best moments of the day for you to reach them?

The other key element that will influence your decision is the profile of your business. If you operate a night club, a gas station or a convenience store, you’ll need your signage to be visible in the dark. Lighted signs or channel letters are among the best ways to let your audience know that you are there for them. On the contrary, a laundry service, a law services company or a kindergarten may not require visibility during the night.

A company in need for recognition has to choose its outdoor signs with great care. You can’t afford to use poor quality materials or graphics, as this would lead to your name being associated to low quality services. If you are on a shoestring budget, you should rather create fewer signs than choosing the cheapest provider you can find.

If your business is located in an office building, you may want to install a big sign on the front wall to let your clients and prospects that you are there. This can help you build brand awareness, as passersby will probably notice the name and the logo of your business. When they will pass by your office again, they will already know you’re inside that building. This information may bring you some high quality leads, as these people may recommend you to their peers in need for your kind of services or products. Learn more here

Always consider which signage would have the biggest impact on your audience, and go for it. If you don’t know how to gather consumer insight, and how to assess the opportunity and the effectiveness of different signage types, you should seek for professional advice. Signage experts or marketing pros can help you conduct consumer research and draw the right conclusions.


As you can see, there’s no such thing as the best signage for any business. Different industries and different business profiles will have different promotional and marketing needs. In addition, the target consumers and their purchasing habits will also influence the effectiveness of your business signage. This is why you have to get to know your best clients and your prospects very well, in order to choose the signage that would bring you the biggest bang for the buck. If marketing and consumer research aren’t among your strongest assets, you’d better hire a professional marketing agency or signage shop to help you identify the best business signs for your company. For more information, visit https://atlanticsigncompany.com/business-signs-cincinnati-ohio/