While the most popular type of roofing is asphalt shingles, currently anyway, the metal roofs are trending and have been for several years. They have always been an option, but homeowners are realizing more and more the benefits of having a metal roof. For starters, you can enjoy the pitter patter sound of the rain on your roof. If you want to have a roof made of metal installed on your home, what are the costs going to be?

Types Of Metal Roofing

You have to first be aware that there are differences in the types of metal roofing that is available. Did you know that there are standing seam metal roofs and metal shingle roofs? One is usually more expensive than the other, and can you guess which one? The more expensive one is usually going to be the standing seam metal roof. It is usually priced between 9 and 12 dollars per square foot. The metal shingle roof on the other hand is typically priced between 7 and 10 dollars per square foot.


On a large scale, and in general, the pricing for a roof made of metal is going to be between 5 and 12 dollars per square foot. Since the two roofing types above didn’t give you the 5 to 7 dollar per square foot range, that should be a sign that you are unlikely to get the roof you want for that price. By the way, the price quoted is not just the materials but the installation as well.

You know the square footage of your home, but do you know the square footage of your roof? You can calculate it on your own if you want a good idea of what you are going to pay for that metal roof. You can also look at averages to help guide you. I am going to provide you with some more average figures, don’t worry. We have to narrow down the costs a little further than just 7 to 12 dollars per square foot.

Paying the Average Price Per Square Foot

So let’s say you have the average sized house in America, and let’s say that you end up paying the average price per square foot, which is 10 dollars. That would mean that your new roof is going to be approximately 17,000 dollars. Looking at the low end and the high end prices per square foot, the figures for that average size house don’t vary too widely. The total on the low end would be around 14,500 dollars, and then you have the high end, which woulud be around 19,500 dollars. The 19,500 dollars would be for a standing seam metal roof.

That’s not half bad, is it? You can go lower than that if you get a corrugated metal roof or a ribbed steel roof, but people typically opt for one of the other two choices. You make the decision about your new roof, but now you know more about what you might expect as to the costs. Think 20,000 dollars are less, and you have your number. For details click at Diyroofs.com