For the majority of people, relocation is a part of life. It can be a negative experience, but for most individuals, it can be quite positive if you take the correct steps to change all your information. If you are relocating, it is essential that you update your postal address to have any mail sent to you. Other reasons why you will need to update records is to avoid any disputes with landlords or having to pay utility bills unnecessarily.

How to Change Your Postal Address Online?

Step #1: Changing Your Postal Address Online

The first step to changing your postal address online when relocating is to visit the US Postal Service‘s official website. Once on this site, you will be directed to a “change of address” facility where you can follow direct step-by-step instructions on how to change your postal address online. The step-by-step instructions will have certain requirements including:

• Your full name and the names of people who are relocating with you. Each individual with a different last name will be required to complete a separate change of address form.
• An indication of whether the relocation is temporary or permanent. A temporary relocation is any period less than one year.
• Debit or credit card details to pay for the $1.05 change of address verification fee. This will verify the address information.

Postal Address

If you have difficulties using the online change of address form, there are other means of request for business address change. This includes either requesting the form via telephone by contacting your local post office. If you opt for this alternative, you will need to ask for a 3575 form to be mailed to you. The verification fee will need to be paid over the telephone.

It is possible to avoid a verification fee when changing your postal address by completing the form at the local post office. When doing this you must request a 3575 form and complete this at the post office. While you will avoid the fee, going to a post office is not as convenient as changing your postal address online or via telephone.

Step #2: Notifying The Social Security Administration

 Postal Address

The Social Security Association of the US is an authority in charge of all federal benefits and it is essential that you contact this association when changing your address. Some individuals may forget to complete this step, but it is important to control any benefits received from the government. When changing your postal address online, it is recommended that you change your address with the Social Security Administration as well. This is done by contacting the nearest social security office using a free SSA online account.

Step #3: Notifying The IRS

To maintain a positive standing with the IRS, it is vital that the IRS remain updated on all your personal information including your current address. Even if you change your address with the post office, this does not mean it is sent to the IRS. Changes of address can be done by calling the IRS or sending them a personal written statement.