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Finding The Top Standing Desk Options

If you are getting into the standing desk craze, you will likely be looking to invest in one at some point. Investing in a standing desk is a great idea for your health. Below, we will be talking about some of the top things to consider when you are shopping for one....

Picking The Top Hair Serum For Shine

There are countless products on the market that claim to provide the best results when it comes to adding a beautiful shine to hair. In fact, there are so many that it can become frustrating when trying to find the one that is right for you. Fortunately, others have...

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How Do You Change Or Cancel A Change Of Address With The Post Office?

There are different reasons why people end up having to get with the USPS to cancel a request for a change of address. Perhaps you were going to move, submitted the request ahead of time, but things changed. Even more often is the situation where people are riding an open-ended temporary change of address and need to cancel it when they return home. If you enter a stop date ahead of time, then you can just let the change of address expire revert back to your mail going to your original address.

Travel Plans

However, there are those times when travel plans change. Maybe you actually did input the stop date, but the stop date has changed. Maybe you are returning early. Let’s say that you were going to stay longer. If that were the case, you don’t have to cancel your change of address request. What you would want to do is edit the request. You can push the date out, as long as it’s not for longer than 12 months. Realize, too, that when submitting any temporary change of address, magazines are only forwarded for 60 days.

If you don’t want to edit the request but instead cancel it, you can do so from the same menu. All you do is go to the same place online that you submitted your request. You look up the request and make the changes, piece of cake. The USPS doesn’t make everything simple, but it sure is simple to handle this type of situation online. They are moving more and more online, but you have to remember that they handle physical mail. Not all of their services can be handled online, but you sure can cancel a change of address using their site.

Visiting The USPS Website

While you are there, check out everything else that you can do when visiting the USPS website. You will surely know how to edit or cancel a change of address request online. If you have never had to do that before, it would make you wonder how people had to take care of a situation like that before online services were available.

You can in fact still take care of a change of address request, a modification and a cancellation in person at the post office. Why would you want to do that though when it’s so easy to handle online. The only problem with submitting your request online is that you will have to pay the $1 fee that the post office charges for identity verification purposes. Other than that, it is very convenient, and you’re going to enjoy getting done with everything so quickly.

Next time you have business with the post office, you are likely to visit their website to see if it can be taken care of online. Anything that keeps you out of the line at the post office would be a win for sure. For now, it’s time to take care of modifying or cancelling that change of address so that you make sure you get your mail. For more details visit https://www.change-of-address-online.com/addresschange/changeofaddress/

What Are Natural Pain Relievers?

Pain medications are toxic, have unwanted side effects and can be addictive. There are however a variety of different natural pain relieving remedies that can be just as effective as over the counter or prescription drugs.

Surprising Natural Pain Relievers

1. CBD Oil, Cannabis And Marijuana

Few people are aware that marijuana was widely used in the manufacture of pain medications until it’s addictive nature made it contraband. The pain relieving benefits of the substance have been scientifically proven and there are zero side effects except that the psychoactive properties may be addictive.

However, CBD oil extracts cannabidiol and leaves behind the THC which is responsible for the psychoactive properties of marijuana making it a safe and highly effective pain relief and management solution. CBD acts on the CBD receptors in the body to relieve pain and can be used topically or orally or you use Luminas for instant pain relieve.

2. Turmeric

A Eastern spice that is widely used in cooking, Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory properties which basically means that it reduces swelling. Inflammation is often the cause of pain as it results in pressure on nerves in the body. Turmeric reduces the amount of 2 enzymes that are responsible for creating inflammation.

The yellow spice is also an antioxidant which means that it eliminates free radicals, preventing cell damage and death. Recent studies have found that anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can also slow the process of ageing. It has been found to be effective in relieving pain associated with the digestive tract and gastrointestinal system as well as in cancer patients.

3. Cloves

Natural Pain Relievers

Clove oil has natural local anesthetic properties and is normally used topically which means it is applied directly to the affected area to numb the pain. It is most commonly used for toothache but is also effective in reducing pain and inflammation related to arthritis and similar health conditions. It is recommended to use the product diluted or as prescribed by a dentist or doctor. Cloves are a common ingredient in many topical ointments that are designed to relieve pain.

4. Valerian Root

This root, normally used to create tea, has tranquilizing effects and relieves stress, tension, anxiety and insomnia. It also reduces the pain effects associated with these conditions like neck, shoulder and back pain and relieves muscle tension and spasms. The relaxing properties can also relieve stress and tension headaches.

5. Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential mineral and provides many different functions within the human body including maintaining an ideal electrolyte balance. A magnesium deficiency (and therefore electrolyte imbalance) results in muscle spasms and pain. The mineral therefore reduces the symptoms of muscle spasms, tics and the associated pain making it an effective treatment for many different conditions such as fibromyalgia. It also relieves and reduces the symptoms of migraines.

Mother Nature produces many different healing, curative and pain relieving substances that are safer to use than man-made medications and drugs. In fact, many of the active ingredients contained in pain medications have been sourced from nature or replicated meaning that they are just as effective at relieving pain. Learn more to know more.